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· 16 min read
Yiming Cao

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If you are a developer familiar with RESTful APIs, you might have heard of OpenAPI. It is a specification for describing RESTful APIs in a format readable for humans and machines. Building a public-facing OpenAPI includes three tasks:

  1. Authoring an OpenAPI specification which serves as the contract between the API provider and the API consumer.
  2. Implementing the API endpoints based on the specification.
  3. Optionally, implementing client SDKs for consuming the API.

In this post, you'll see how to accomplish all these tasks and build a database-centric OpenAPI service, secure and documented, within 15 minutes.

· 10 min read
Jiasheng Guo

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Collaboration has become crucial in the contemporary business landscape. This is due to the mounting complexity of the challenges we face, as well as the prevalence of remote work. Businesses are realizing that effective collaboration is the key to success, as it promotes teamwork, enhances productivity, and leads to better outcomes.

· 7 min read
Yiming Cao

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Although still experimental, Client Extensions are one of the most exciting features introduced in recent Prisma releases. Why? Because it opens a door for developers to inject custom behaviors into PrismaClient with great flexibility. This post shows a few interesting scenarios enabled by this feature, together with thoughts about where we should set the boundary to avoid overusing its power.

· 15 min read
Yiming Cao

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If you're in the SaaS business or into trying out different web apps, you've likely heard of It's an fantastic product that helps you schedule meetings with clients more efficiently - simply set your availability, share your public booking link, and let people book when it works for both of you.

This post demonstrates how easy it is to make a simplified clone of with a modern Javascript stack -, Prisma, and ZenStack.