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From Prisma to TanStack Query: Fast Lane to Full-Stack Type Safety

· 6 min read
Co-founder of ZenStack

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Prisma is one of the most popular ORMs in the NodeJS world - loved by many for its intuitive data modeling and flexible query APIs. It shines for its concise and powerful syntax for querying relational data, and one great feature of it is to precisely infer the types of query results. Here's an example:

// `todos` is typed as `(Todo & { owner: User })[]`
const todos = await prisma.todo.findMany({
where: { published: true },
include: { owner: true }

TanStack Query (previously named react-query) is a widely used frontend data query library that greatly simplifies how we fetch, cache, and bind data when working with APIs. It also has excellent TypeScript support, allowing you to build fully typed data query hooks. Prisma and TanStack Query are frequently used together in a full-stack application.