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Building a Secure RESTful API Using NestJS and Prisma With Minimum Code

· 11 min read
Co-founder of ZenStack

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NestJS is a great framework. It's versatile, rock solid, and thoroughly documented. You can build pretty much any backend with it: RESTful, GraphQL, WebSocket, Microservice, etc. Among everything, building APIs above databases is still one of the top tasks of backend developers. With the rise of Prisma ORM, more and more people are pairing it with NestJS to get the job done - more efficiently and pleasantly, thanks to Prisma's superb DX.

You can't miss this article if that's the combo you're using or plan to use. I'll demonstrate three approaches to building a secure RESTful API, starting with the most traditional one, and then progressively show how to reduce the amount of code we write and achieve a better result.