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· 11 min read

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Yes, authorization. It's like the "salad part" of your diet - you know it's vital and indispensable but struggle to enjoy. Implementing authorization doesn't need to be a fancy job. Just roll up your sleeves and turn business rules into code. We've all been there at some point and all been hurt by the consequences:

  • What will be broken if I move this check to a different place?
  • Where's the best place to stuff in this new piece of rule?
  • We need to add a new resource type. How can it inherit the existing rules?

· 7 min read

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Implementing security is one of those tasks in software engineering, which we all know its importance, but often don't spend enough energy to do it right. Who wants to build features that users can't see? However, the uneasy feeling will just keep haunting you, and someday you'll pay the price for your negligence. Data breaching is one of the best ways to ruin customers' trust and devastate a business. So better be a responsible programmer and implement the necessary measures from the beginning. But how?

· 6 min read

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One big piece of conventional wisdom for software operation is "never expose internal-facing services to the public", and databases (especially SQL databases) fall into that category. It's good advice because data stored in them are usually highly sensitive and indispensable to most systems' proper running. Investigations with honeypots showed that publicly open databases are discovered within hours after they become active and start getting attacked within a day. What's scarier than this is you often don't even know you ever had a data breach.