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Version: 2.x


In this part of the guide, we've focused on the core layer of ZenStack - an enhanced Prisma Client. The enhanced Prisma Client essentially turns the ORM into a fully secured data access layer, enabling the upper layer features like the automatic CRUD APIs and the generation of frontend data query libraries.

The design choice of enhancing Prisma Client makes ZenStack framework-agnostic. It can be used wherever Prisma is used - a CLI application, a Node.js backend, or a full-stack application - as a non-intrusive drop-in replacement.

As you have seen, the ZModel language provides great flexibility in modeling the authorization aspects of your application. If you want to learn how commonly used patterns like RBAC, ABAC, etc., can be modeled in ZModel, this blog post can be a good reference: Modeling Authorization in Prisma - No Theory, Just Code.

The completed sample project up to the end of this part can be found in the "part1" branch of the the-complete-guide-sample repo. You can clone it and check out to that branch with the following command:

git clone --branch part1 my-todo-app
Feel free to ask questions, give feedback, or report issues.

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