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Version: 1.x


The @core/prisma plugin generates a Prisma schema from ZModel.


This plugin is always automatically included when zenstack generate is run. You only need to add it to your ZModel if you want to customize its options.


This plugin is built-in to ZenStack and does not need to be installed separately.


outputStringOutput file path (relative to the path of ZModel)No./prisma/schema.prisma
generateClientBooleanWhether to run prisma generate after generationNotrue
generateArgsStringCommand line arguments appended to the prisma generate call, e.g., "--no-engine". Please note that the "--schema" option is automatically passed, and you shouldn't provide it explicitly.No
formatBooleanWhether to run prisma format after generationNofalse


plugin prisma {
provider = '@core/prisma'
output = './src/prisma/schema.prisma'
format = true
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