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· 4 min read

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Fading of API

I previously wrote a post about the history of APIs:

A Brief History of API: RPC, REST, GraphQL, tRPC

I still believe that GraphQL is the most efficient solution for a big project with separate or multiple front-end and back-end teams. However, after my partner and I left our last company, it was mainly just the two of us working on the full-stack project. Therefore, we prefer to leverage the "integrated" APIs of full-stack frameworks like getServerSideProps, loader, and load functions (I bet at least you know one of them 😄). When necessary, we will use tRPC as a complementary. The overall experience is quite neat as you almost forget about API design and implementation.

· 7 min read

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Web development, especially frontend, is undoubtedly one of the most challenging professions in software development. Its landscape is constantly evolving. Tools and technologies become obsolete and replaced by new ones at an astonishing speed. It has also become a vast field, way beyond HTML, CSS and Javascript. Going back ten years, could you imagine that frontend developers, who use an interpreted language to write code, would need to mess with all kinds of compilation tools in their daily job? Pretty insane, isn't it?

But Rome wasn't built in a day. Let's travel back in time to see how we got here step by step.