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End-To-End Polymorphism: From Database to UI, Achieving SOLID Design

· 14 min read
Co-founder of ZenStack

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Polymorphism Is the Key To Open-Closed Principle

The three fundamental pillars of Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) are Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. Polymorphism is likely the least-mentioned concept, possibly because this term is not frequently used in daily life. However, it is actually the most important one because it is the key to achieving compliance with the Open-Closed Principle (OCP) in OOP.

How to Build an Extensible System With Less Technical Debt From Day One

· 6 min read
Co-founder of ZenStack

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Have you ever built a product from scratch? If so, I bet you definitely experienced the trade-off between the design quality and time to market. In fact, you might have to struggle with it more than you expected. In Shopify's practice Deconstructing the Monolith: Designing Software that Maximizes Developer Productivity, they get the conclusion below:

In conclusion, no architecture is often the best architecture in the early days of a system. This isn’t to say don’t implement good software practices, but don’t spend weeks and months attempting to architect a complex system that you don’t yet know. Martin Fowler’s Design Stamina Hypothesis does a great job of illustrating this idea, by explaining that in the early stages of most applications, you can move very quickly with little design. It’s practical to trade off design quality for time to market. Once the speed at which you can add features and functionality begins to slow down, that’s when it’s time to invest in good design.