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ZenStack is built as an extension to the fantastic ORM toolkit - Prisma. The goal is to unleash its full potential for full-stack web app development.

ZenStack enhances Prisma by adding the following goodies:

🛠️ A superset of Prisma's schema language that supports custom attributes and functions.

⛽️ Built-in support for access policies and data validation rules.

🚀 Auto-generated APIs for accessing database from the frontend without building an intermediary backend.

🧩 An extensible plugin system for code generation with greater flexibility.

ZenStack is not opinionated toward any stack or framework. It's a toolkit, not another framework. It's meant to work well with most Javascript full-stack frameworks, like Next.js, Nuxt.js,, SvelteKit, etc.

The following diagram gives a high-level overview of how it works.

ZenStack ArchitectureZenStack Architecture

Don't worry if you don't fully get it right away. In the following few sections, we'll guide you through creating a simple web app - with the framework you love.

NOTE: This is the v1 prelease documentation. For the old v0.5 version, please visit here.