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A Catalog of Sample Projects

The ZenStack team maintains the following three series of sample projects.

  • Schema Samples

    A set of ZModel schemas demonstrating how to model different types of authorization patterns.

  • Multi-Tenant Todo App

    This series demonstrates a complete implementation of a multi-tenant, SaaS-like application with a relatively complex authorization model. It is also the sample we used throughout The Complete Guide.

  • Simple Blog App

    This series is for those who want to quickly understand the structure of a project using ZenStack, without the burden of comprehending a complex application. These samples are used in the Quick Start guides.

We also actively collect and share community-contributed samples.

Schema Samples

The sample repo includes the following patterns:

  • ACL
  • RBAC
  • ABAC
  • Multi-Tenancy

You can use this blog post as an introduction.

Multi-Tenant Todo Samples

Blog Samples

Community Samples

Feel free to ask questions, give feedback, or report issues.

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