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Version: 1.x


The @core/model-meta plugin generates lightweight metadata for introspecting schema at runtime.


This plugin is always automatically included when zenstack generate is run. You only need to add it to your ZModel if you want to customize its options.


This plugin is built-in to ZenStack and does not need to be installed separately.


outputStringOutput directory (relative to the path of ZModel)Nonode_modules/.zenstack
compileBooleanIf the generated TS code should be compiled to JSNotrue
preserveTsFilesBooleanIf the generated TS files should be preserved (after compiled to JS)Notrue if compile is set to false, otherwise false


plugin meta {
provider = '@core/model-meta'
output = 'src/lib/zenstack'
compile = false

Runtime APIs like enhance and withPolicy depend on the output of this plugin and by default load it from the default output location. If you customize the output location, you need to load and pass it manually:

const meta = require('./lib/zenstack/model-meta').default;
const db = enhance(prisma, { user }, undefined, meta);
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