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A TypeScript toolkit that enhances Prisma ORM with flexible Authorization and auto-generated, type-safe APIs/hooks, simplifying full-stack development

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More Than ORM

Easy Access Control

Easy Access Control

Access control policies right inside your data model. No more brittle imperative authorization code. No more complex SQL Row-Level-Security rules.

Generated API & Hooks

Generated API & Hooks

CRUD APIs and frontend hooks are automatically generated. With access control support, the APIs are safe to be called directly from the frontend.

E2E Type Safety

E2E Type Safety

No more duplicating type definitions and syncing changes. Use one single toolkit to generate types for your entire stack and enjoy flawless auto-completion.

Empower Every Layer of Your Stack


ORM With Access Control

ZenStack extends Prisma ORM with a powerful access control layer. By defining policies right inside the data model, your schema becomes the single source of truth. By using a policy-enabled database client, you can enjoy the same Prisma API you already love, with ZenStack automagically enforcing access control rules. Its core is framework-agnostic and runs wherever Prisma runs.

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Automatic CRUD API

Wrapping APIs around a database is tedious and error-prone. ZenStack can introspect the schema and install CRUD APIs to the framework of your choice with just a few lines of code. Thanks to the built-in access control support, the APIs are fully secure and can be directly exposed to the public. What about documentation? Turn on a plugin, and an OpenAPI specification will be generated in seconds.

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Frontend Query Code Generation

Data query and mutation are one of the toughest topics for frontend development. ZenStack simplifies it by generating fully-typed client-side data access code (aka hooks) targeting the data query library of your choice (SWR, TanStack Query, etc.). The hooks call into the automatically generated APIs, which are secured by the access policies.

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